Escola de Tantra

Escola Tantra

Escola Tantra

Since 2009, it has offered a safe space that promotes, through the practices of Tantra, not only
connection but also inner growth to individuals and couples.

Tantric Therapy

What is Tantric Therapy?

Tantric therapy seeks to refine sensitivity in order to expand and intensify orgasmic sensation by chaining together various muscle groupings in the bioelectrical reaction of orgasm.

Not only that, some Tantric massages also seek to tone and strengthen the genital muscles of men and women in order to provide greater support of bioenergy.

Cursos e Workshops

Courses and Workshops


The Tantra School of Portugal ministers and teaches annually, through Classes, Courses and Workshops, various themes associated with Tantric philosophy.

  • Tantric Therapist Course
  • Regular Tantra Classes
  • Tantra Course for Couples
  • Tantric Massage Course

"Above all, it is with love that I welcome you to the School of Tantra. "





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